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From October 2016, we serve

<< TAKAZAWA Experience menu >>
@ 65,000 yen per person

Drinks, mineral water, service charge and tax are all included

This menu is included both food and beverages.
Pairing is available, discussion with us to select the wines from the list to match the menu is also available.

Basically we would like to recommend << TAKAZAWA Experience Menu >> , but we are happy to arrange the FOOD only menu @ 40,000 yen ( price is per person, service charge/tax/beverages/water are NOT included ) for those who are not a big drinker, who would like to select your wine from the list as you are really into wines or who cannot take any alcohol.

As we would LOVE you to enjoy the whole experience of TAKAZAWA creations, we are afraid that we are unable to accommodate all allergies or restrictions.
We have been doing our best to accommodate allergies or restrictions, but it was becoming quite difficult to arrange the substitution as all TAKAZAWA’s creations have meanings to use specific ingredients.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.
If you have very special request for dietary restrictions, please provide us the details. We will try to do our best to accommodate.

The entire team of TAKAZAWA is looking forward to share the experience with you.

Before making a reservation, please kindly read our “Reservation & Cancellation Policy” and ‘’Dress Code’’ carefully.
It may take three-five business days to contact you back, when reserving via email. If you don’t hear from us in five business days, please contact us directly to

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Dear Guests,

Thank you for contacting TAKAZAWA.
We take reservations for only 10 seats/day. Please notify us of changes or cancellation at least four days prior to your reservation. We really appreciate your understanding.

If we do not receive your re-confirmation four days prior to your visit, your reservation will be cancelled automatically. Also, fees will apply. See Cancellation Rates below.

Cancellation fee
【the price of the menu x number of people + tax(5%)】
3 days before
2 days before
a day before
On the day of your reservation

We have been supported by our customers from all over the world. Since we take only 10 seats per day, we really appreciate your understanding of our cancellation policy. Thank you.

  • From the 1st of every month, we take a reservation request till the end of next month.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding availability. We will do our best to accommodate you on short notice.
  • The size of party : we can only make a reservation for party of two or more ( up to 10 ).
  • We will serve children over 12 years old. (Must be accompanied by an adult. Sorry, but we do not offer a children’s menu.)
  • Opening hours : 18:00 – 21:00 ( The latest seating time )
  • Closed : Sundays + some other dates irregularly

Dress Code

Smart and Elegant

We would like to ask you not to be too casual. Such as, Jeans & T-shirt with trainer/sneaker.
We also would like to recommend the jacket, long pants, closed-toe shoes for men applies.
( No need to be in a suit, but the jacket. Thank you for your cooperation )

Reservation Form

After you read the Reservation & Cancellation policy and our dress code, please click below, and fill out the reservation form.

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