Thank you for your request. <<Kindly note that your table is NOT secured at this stage >>
Automatic reply mail will be sent to your e-mail address registered.

After that, you also will receive the confirmation email from TAKAZAWA / reservation@takazawa-y.co.jp
Your table will be secured and the booking will be completed by receiving your reply to our confirmation email.

Please make sure that you are able to receive our email/adding our email address to your mailing list, thank you.

In case we did not hear back from you 4 days prior to your requested date, your table will be released automatically.

If you did not receive any emails from us in a week after you sent the reservation form, there are the reasons that can be considered.

  1. Our reply can be sent to the spam folder

  2. Your email address is incorrect

In either case, please try to contact us again directly to reservation@takazawa-y.co.jp
Thank you very much.